3 Reasons Why RV Vacations Are the Best

You’ve been toying with the idea of renting an RV for a few years now. You have been within moments of clicking “Reserve Now”, only to wonder whether you’re really the RV type. We at Martin RV Rentals are here to tell you that everyone can enjoy an RV getaway—and here’s why.

RV rental

1. Travel in comfort.

Who wants to go to Hersheypark or Gettysburg crammed into a minivan or compact rental car? No one. Give yourself plenty of seating, elbowroom, and storage space in a motorhome rental. You’ll find the road much more enjoyable when you have comfortable seating.

2. Be entertained.

Most RV rentals come equipped with onboard flat-screen TVs, DVD players, and more. You can enjoy a movie while you journey to your destination, which makes any road trip more fun. Plus, a motorhome has space where you can play cards, talk comfortably, or lounge with a good book.

3. Take your accommodations with you.

When you travel by RV, you don’t have to mess with finding hotels or getting a restaurant. You already have everything you need in your motorhome to fix a meal or get a good night’s sleep. Plus, you have added flexibility if you choose to stay a few nights at one campground and a few nights elsewhere. You don’t have to unload and load your luggage each time at the hotel. Just find your campsite, hook up, and enjoy your new location.

Now what are you waiting for? Doesn’t an RV vacation in Pennsylvania sound like just what you need this summer?

To find out more about our RV rentals or (if we’ve really convinced you) RV sales, contact Martin RV at (717) 283-4522. We can walk you through our policies and help you find the best rental for you and your budget. You can call us directly or book an RV online.

photo credit: In The Pink Waves via photopin (license)

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