The National Civil War Museum

Greater Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is filled with historical features and national landmarks. One such Harrisburg attraction is The National Civil War Museum. For the family traveling through PA in a motorhome rental, school groups, or civil war buffs, The National Civil War Museum has exhibits for all ages and interests.

The mission of The National Civil War Museum is “to serve as a national center to inspire lifelong learning of the American Civil War through the preservation and balanced presentation of the American peoples struggles for survival and healing.”

Visitors are guided through The National Civil War Museum and get to experience each important event of the American Civil War. You can find exhibits on the first shots of the war, on why men fought, women in the war, Civil War music, and much, much more.  The National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg certainly covers unique aspects of the war that you may not have read about in your school history books.

The National Civil War Museum in PA also features rotating exhibits and special events, highlighting different aspects of the Civil War. Currently, a temporary display called “In the Hands of the Enemy” gives a glimpse into the life of the imprisoned soldiers during the Civil War. A few upcoming events for Fall 2014 include “The Yankees in Georgia” and “Ought It Not to be a Merry Christmas?”

Admission into The National Civil War Museum is reasonably priced:

  • Adults: $11
  • Seniors: $10
  • Students: $9

You can also purchase a family pass for $40, which allows entrance for two adults and up to three students (immediate family members only) into the museum.

The National Civil War Museum is open year round, except for New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Check out The National Civil War Museum’s website for regular business hours and directions.

Martin RV Rentals recommends that you make The National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg the first stop on a historical tour of Pennsylvania in your motorhome rental. The museum can give you a good foundation for visiting other historical sites throughout the state. Plus, you can travel to each historic landmark easily in your motorhome rental, giving you flexibility to stay as long as you’d like.

To reserve a motorhome rental or to get a quote, contact Pennsylvania’s Martin RV Rentals at (717) 283-4522.

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