Saving Money the Eco-Friendly Way with Your RV

If you’ve ever rented an RV before, the chances are that you love nature and traveling, so why harm it? As technology progresses, people are finding better ways to live that reduce their carbon footprints. Pennsylvania is known to have an aggressive earth-friendly attitude with our leaps toward wildlife preservation and environmental conservation, but have you ever considered the eco-friendliness of living in an RV? Martin RV Rentals supplies Pennsylvania with the top of the line luxury motorhomes and RVs.

Being eco-friendly is important to many of our Pennsylvania businesses and residents. In fact, many Pennsylvania retirees are returning to the serenity of nature and the freedom of the open road with luxury RVs due to the financial benefits. Ultimately, the upfront cost of owning a condo or an apartment is much more than buying or renting an RV. Generally speaking, utility bills, such as gas and electric, are cheaper and will reduce your carbon footprint. Therefore, by living in an RV, you are already helping the environment, but we encourage you to consider some cost-effective ways to further maximize your environmental support.

Campfire by Your RV

Get a Water Filter

Plastic bottle pollution is a fast-growing concern for naturalists and environmentalists. Each year an estimated 500 billion plastic bottles are improperly discarded and poison the soil and water resulting in environmental damage and even loss of life. Each year, the bottling water process creates over 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. Getting a quality water filter is an eco-friendly way to save money on expensive water bottles.

Install Solar Panels and LED Lights

Many people underestimate the amount of money they will save when investing in solar panels. Solar panels are now much cheaper, last a lot longer, and even come in portable versions for your USB devices. The savings are obvious; after the initial cost, you are getting free, reliable energy without negatively affecting the environment. Using LED lights is also a cost-effective way to save more money as they use 75% less energy than traditional bulbs.

As many Pennslyvania businesses are going green, we at Martin RV Rentals continue to support saving money and environmental safety. For the best luxury RV and motorhome rentals in Philadelphia, call (888) 206-9748 or reserve a vehicle online.

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