Schedule Your End-of-Summer Fun in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania RV VacationSchools are suddenly back in session, and work schedules seem to be picking up. Some of us welcome the return to normalcy, but others of us grieve the loss of summer fun. Summer may be coming to an end, but we aren’t there yet. You still have time to fit in a getaway or two, even if only for the weekend.

To make the most of your getaway, Martin RV Rentals of Pennsylvania gives you three reasons why an RV rental would be just the right way to end summer.

1. Enjoy flexibility.

Pennsylvania has so many great destinations that committing to just ones seems outlandish. A motorhome rental allows you to remain on the go while still guaranteeing that you’ll have a place to stay. You don’t have to remain in one place for long because you take your accommodations with you.

2. Don’t go broke on accommodations.

Compared to paying for hotel after hotel, a travel trailer is an affordable vacation option—especially if you have several people in your group. (A few decent hotel rooms over the course of a couple days can really add up.) Not only do you have a place to stay when you rent an RV, but you also can make your own meals, which can help you reduce expenses even more.

3. Enjoy the great outdoors.

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor recreation and camping. Soon enough, temperatures will cool off, and once holidays hit, scheduling time away just won’t be as easy. The time to enjoy swimming, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking is now. Just think of all the places you can go: French Creek State Park, Gettysburg, and more.

Ready to schedule that end-of-summer excursion? Contact Martin RV at (717) 283-4522, or book online. Our team can help you find just the right rental, tell you about our policies, and help you make the most of these last summer days.


photo credit: Path to the Sunset via photopin (license)

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