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Take a Winter RV Trip to Gettysburg

Historic Gettysburg is one of those national treasures you’ll want to visit again and again. Why not rent an RV or motorhome from Martin RV Rentals and take a weekend trip this winter? Gettysburg is only a 90-minute drive from our location in Manheim, Pennsylvania. Sure, RVing in winter has some challenges, but the rewards […]

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driving through mud

Tips on Driving through Difficult Terrain and Harsh Weather

Mother Nature is more than just sunny skies and gentle gusts. When the weather has been less than motherly, you need to know how to drive you and your family to safety. Martin RV Rentals provides modern day vehicles that are built to resist tough terrain. Call (888) 206-9748 to reserve an RV today!

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Book Your Summer RV Getaway

As soon as our calendars change to spring, we start getting a bit busier here at Martin RV Rentals. Everyone seems to have warmer weather, hiking, and biking on the brain. Many people are starting to plan those summer excursions, and they’re ready to reserve the perfect motorhome for the occasion. Perhaps you too are dreaming […]

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How to Decide Which RV is Best

You’ve been busy planning your next great getaway. You have carefully selected your destination, attractions you want to see along the way, and even a few food joints that promise a great meal. However, as you browse the selection of rentals at Martin RV Rentals, you still cannot decide which motorhome is best. Don’t despair. […]

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Schedule Your End-of-Summer Fun in Pennsylvania

Schools are suddenly back in session, and work schedules seem to be picking up. Some of us welcome the return to normalcy, but others of us grieve the loss of summer fun. Summer may be coming to an end, but we aren’t there yet. You still have time to fit in a getaway or two, even […]

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Maximize Your Rental Experience

You’ve been waiting for summer, your chance to pack all your things in a motorhome and set off to exciting destinations like Hersheypark®, The National Civil War Museum, or Delaware Canal State Park. You’ve made up your mind to book a camper from Martin RV Rentals—a great first step in making the most of your vacation. […]

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