Tips on Driving through Difficult Terrain and Harsh Weather

Mother Nature is more than just sunny skies and gentle gusts. When the weather has been less than motherly, you need to know how to drive you and your family to safety. Martin RV Rentals provides modern day vehicles that are built to resist tough terrain. Call (888) 206-9748 to reserve an RV today!

Driving through Snow

Though Philadelphia is not known for its harsh weather, you may be traveling out of state. Tackling terrain can be more difficult depending on what type of car you are driving. If you are towing a travel trailer in questionable environments, we recommend an All-Wheel Drive vehicle that can carry the weight. Below is a comprehensive list of tips on how to drive through rough conditions.


When traveling through hilly areas, be sure to scope out your surroundings. Some cliffs may cut short and drop your vehicle unexpectedly.


Mud can be a difficult problem. If it is impossible to avoid muddy pathways, it is best to speed through the thickness as quickly as possible. The speed will prevent the mud from caking up inside your vehicle. Before you drive through, check the depth of the puddle, as it may be safer to just turn around.


Snow can become a problem for most people. Depending on the level, snow can cause a sliding accident or shut your vehicle down completely. When driving through the snow, we suggest preparing your vehicle with specialized tires. Take to the road with caution, and use your lights as needed.


Simply letting just a little bit of air out of your tires can offer a huge advantage when traveling through sandy roads.


Rocks can damage your vehicle. If you release some air from your tires, it will be more difficult for rocks to puncture them.

Regardless of where your ideal vacation is, you deserve to enjoy it safely and comfortably. Martin RV Rentals has state of the art rentals and are equipped to handle all sort of conditions. Contact us at (888) 296-9748 to find out which options are best for you!

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